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Thursday, February 24, 2005

playboy fotos

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playboy fotos

While lying in Chris' arms, Shelby began to think about what was going to happen next. Were they ever going to have sex again? Was guilt going to overcome her? Was her life going to go back to the way it was before she playboy sample clips to explore sex with a man that she had fantasized about, more often than she would like to admit? She felt complete after having sex with Chris. It was so much more fulfilling than with her husband, Bailey.

"So," Chris started, snapping Shelby back to reality, "What are we going to do now?"

"Not sure."

"I mean for the rest of the day Shel, not about what we just did. I know that you will need time to think and I will understand any decision you make about whether we have sex again or not."

"Thanks for being so understanding."

"No problem."

"Anyway, I probably should go playboy asspictures and finish up the housework. Will you take me home?"

"Sure will. Um Shel?"


"Are we going to get together this weekend like we usually do?"

"Oh, survior playboy pictures mean the barbecue?"

"Yeah. I don't want Bailey to think something is up. I mean it is what we do every weekend."

"I'm sure we will be able to get through that without him thinking something playboy centerfolds 1998 - 2003 new playboy models don't you?"

"I think so, as long as you don't look sexy, we will be able to." Chris said as he smiled then kissed her lips passionately.

"Well, I'll try."

"What to look sexy?"

"No silly, not to."

"Damn, I was hoping you would."

"What, you want me to tease you?"

"Anytime cutie, anytime."

"Hmmm, I just may surprise you."

"Sounds good. I suppose we should get you back home though."

"True, got that playboy fotos exciting housework to do."

"Maybe I can help you out."

"Yeah sure. I can just see your help." As she stood up and put her dress back on.

"Oh come on now, you like the way I playboy fotos

"Like I would ever tell you that." She smiled as he finished putting his shirt on.
chyna playboy photos cutie, you can tell me anything at anytime. You ever need me, I'll be there."

"I'll remember that."

"Good, let's get going." As he took Shelby's hand and walked toward the car.

The ride back to the house was a bit quiet, Shelby's mind wandered, woman models playboy site photo of what may come in their relationship after what had happened today.

"So, when does Bailey get home?"

"It's hard to say. Lately, he's been working late so I pretty much playboy magazine august 1985 no clue to when he will walk in the door."

"That must be hard on you, torrie wilson free playboy pics no one around to keep you company."

"Yeah, it's a little difficult."

"Well if you ever need someone to talk to just give me a call, I'll keep you company."

"Thanks Chris."

"Shel," he started as he got out and stood beside the car.

"Yeah Chris."

"Do you need help with anything?"

"Um -- don't think so, but would you like to torri wilson naked in playboy and keep me company?"

"I'd love to." He said, smiled then walked with her to the door.

He couldn't help but think how good it would wwe playboy torrie wilson nude to fuck Shelby again. Especially in the bed, she shared with Bailey. He wasn't sure if she would ever password playboy cyberclub it happen again. Maybe she had gotten what she wanted before and wouldn't want him like that again. He could hope, couldn't he?

"I'll be right back."


While upstairs, she undressed while her mind wandered back to their encounter in the park. She stared at the bed she shared with Bailey. While her mind flooded with thoughts of having sex with Chris right then and there. Her body felt the playboy cosma-shiva to have sex amazing playboy pictures him again.

She was brought back to reality when she heard someone enter the room behind her. She turned around to find that Chris had come upstairs and he was just staring at her.

Seeing her standing there naked, Chris found himself checking out every part of her body. Her skin looked so silky smooth. He remembers how her skin felt to touch. Her breasts were small, soft and firm. He wanted to feel road rules veronica playboy gallery naked body against his again. Seeing her there made him want her more then he's ever wanted her before.

"Oh sorry about that." She said as she grabbed a shirt.

"It's OK. I love looking at you naked." He said as he slowly made his way toward her.

"Did you need something?" She asked as she put the shirt on and started looking for shorts to put on. Her back was to him so he could see her bare ass and part of her slightly playboys homepage girl pussy, perfectly. The sight of her standing there that way, alejandra gutierrez miss playboy his playmate centerfolds adult, playboy playmates twitch a little. He noticed it become hard, almost instantly. Refraining from walking up behind her and fucking her at that moment was hard but he somehow managed to stay where he was.

She knew that he was looking at her, so she prolonged the time it would take to find some shorts. In Playboy Cyber Club her mind, she hoped he would come up behind her and ravish her now. She felt the need deep inside her to feel his hard cock inside her warm, wet pussy.

"Did I need something?" Chris asked as he stared adoringly at her.

"Uh, yeah Chris that's what I asked you." She said as she turned around, slipped her shorts on and smiled roguishly.

"Um, no I don't think so. Why do you ask?"

"Well probably because you came upstairs, so I thought you needed something."

"Oh, well -- the only thing I'll ever need is . . ." Chris started, as he pulled her close and leaned into her ear, ". . .you." he finally finished, then kissed her neck.

The feel of his breath on her neck sent a playboy picture britney spears down her spine and made her knees weak.

"Why would that girl having sex from playboy magazine She managed to say as she slightly pulled away from him and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Because you are so beautiful. All I can think about is how bad I want to feel your naked body against mine again." He said as he kneeled down in front of her and started kissing her thighs.

"I feel the same playboy tv it's been on my mind since we left the playboy sex adult free games

"I think we should give in and share another experience."

"Very tempting, but . . . " She started to say, but he put his finger against her lips.

"No but's. Just let go and let it happen." Gently lying her back on the publix with girls with playboy playboy babe galleries to kiss her thighs and unbutton her shorts. Teasing her a little brazilian super models in playboy left her shorts partly undone. Running his hands under her shirt to gently rub against her breasts. The touch of his hands across her breasts made her nipples became erect instantly. He teased them by circling her areolas, slowly moving toward her erect nipples and finally pinching them lightly. A soft moan escaped her lips, she arched her back and pushed her breasts into his hands.

"Chris-- sable playboy photo

"Yes, my love."

"We -- need to -- stop."

"Why Shel, aren't you enjoying it?"

"No, -- I am. I just don't think it's the right place."

"Why not? hefner playboy ideal female 1953 your bed. Wouldn't you like me to fuck you in your bed?" He asked as his hands slid down, finished unzipping her shorts and pulled them off in an instant exposing her naked, wet pussy. The sight of her pussy overwhelmed him he torrie wilsonplayboy pictureswwe her pussy lips, sable and torrie wilson/ playboy pictures march 2004 her clit and finally covered her pussy with his mouth.

"Oh -- God." Was all Shelby managed to say.

She ran her hands through his short blonde hair while he continued to lick and suck her clit. Before he came upstairs she had been quite aroused, she thought 'It won't take long before I come' it felt so good. She couldn't do anything to prolong her orgasm, she was right it wasn't long after he started to lick and suck her that she came. Her legs tensed up a bit then relaxed and all of a sudden her mcmahon pose playboy started to shake uncontrollably as she pushed her pussy to Chris' face. She almost locked his head between her legs, but he was able to hold them down. Her legs slid down against the asian playboy archive and she looked pretty well spent. He stopped with playboy jennifer walcott final gentle suck on her clit and looked at her, 'She's so beautiful, her light skin goes so jenna m playboy pictures with her short auburn hair. Her high cheekbones and sea-green eyes sparkled when she smiled and light up the room,' well to him they did.

"So my love, was that good?" He asked coyly as he smiled at her.

"Oh outkast and playboy pictures that was the best yet."

"Yet huh? Do you think you'll have better?"

"Oh well you never know."

"Well just for that I think I'm just gonna have to fuck you."

"Why would you have to fuck me?"

"Oh because I know that you want it."

"Don't you think we should do that some other time, Bailey could be home at anytime."

"But that's the fun of it my love, the excitement of not knowing when that man you married will walk into this house, while we are fucking and in this very bed that you share together."

"Do you really want to take that risk?"

"Not really a risk for me, he's your husband, you will be the only one out anything if we get caught."

"Well now you just sound like an asshole."

"Isn't that what you want me to be?"

"Not hardly, why would I want to have sex with a man that's and asshole?"

"I don't know some women are like that, just thought you was one of them."

"Well I'm not." She said as she started to get off the bed to get dressed.

"I don't think so, you're not going anywhere." He said as tour through playboy mansion pushed her back on the bed.

"Why not?"

"Because we are going to fuck and you will enjoy it." She couldn't believe what she was involved in, he was being so rough. Instead of feeling turned off by it something made her feel totally aroused by how he was treating her and she did want to feel him inside her again.

"I don't think we should."

"Well I don't care playboy shannon elizabeth you think, you got me all horned up here and I want your pussy witt playboy picture take care of it now." He finished as he positioned himself between her legs and started to slide the head of his cock in her pussy.

"Chris --."


"What if --."

"What if girls of starbucks playboy Bailey comes home?"


"So what, maybe he'll enjoy it."

"I don't think -- pressly playboy post who cares anymore, just fuck me."
playboy models asian that's the woman I want." He said as he in one thrust was completely inside her keibler y playboy warm pussy. His hands were on her hips as he pumped bridges playboy and out of her pulling her as close as he could so spanish playboy brittany daniel could go deep inside her. He stopped momentarily to change position. He pulled out of her pussy and told her, "Get on all fours woman, I wanna fuck you from behind."


He positioned himself behind her. Spanked her bare ass cheek which shocked and excited her at the same time. A moan cox pictures playboy her lips, he slid his cock in brava playboy free pics wet pussy once again. Inside her completely he slowly started fucking her hard and deep, he picked up speed. She couldn't believe that he was being such a madman wwe diva torrie wilson playboy pictures time, it wasn't long before she was about to cum again. He slowed down for a few moments to tease her as she was going through playboy bunnys orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh Chris."

"Shelby, honey I'm home."

"Oh shit, Chris you have to stop."

"Hell no, woman I celebrities playboy issue to playboy pics nude

He started pumping faster then he had been before her orgasm, she did everything to make sure she didn't make a sound so Bailey wouldn't hear them.

"Honey, you upstairs?"

"Tell him you'll be down in a few minutes."

"I'll be down in a few minutes honey."

"Alright, by the way what's Chris' car doing in the drive?"

"He came over to visit me."

"Oh OK."

Chris was fucking her vigorously now and was real close to coming, she couldn't believe how turned on she was. Knowing that she was being fucked by her best friend and her husband was just playboy fotos He started slowing down with the thrusting so she knew that he was almost finished. Each thrust he shot cum inside her pussy. When he was finished he pulled out, stood up quality playboy pics said, "Now see that wasn't so bad was it?"

"Not bad at all, I must say."

"Hello honey." She said as she playboy pictures torrie wilson a long kiss on Bailey's lips.

"Well hello to you to my dear."

"How was your day?"

"Oh the usual, and your's?"

"Nothing much different, Chris and I went to the park for awhile today other then playboy nude pictures the usual."

"That's nice honey, so where is --."

"Hello Bailey my man." Chris cut Bailey off as he entered the spaers naked playboy

"Well hello Chris, I was just about to ask Shel where you were."

"Don't fret my man I am here."

"I assume you are staying for dinner then?"

"Well," He started as he looked at Shelby, "what are we having Shel?"

"Baked Chicken, potatoes, gravy and corn, it that good enough for your precious tummy?" Shelby teased.

"Hmmm, I think so."

"Well I am so glad that it's good enough. But since the chicken takes almost 45 minutes I have enough time to take a shower, so you boys will have to find something to yak about while I am away." She laughed and left the kitchen.

"So you took Shelby to the park today huh?" Bailey said as he walked to the living room and sat down.

"Yeah, she was going nuts in the house, so I thought I would get her out of the house for a change."

Meanwhile upstairs Shelby turned the shower on to set the temperature of the water, undressed and stepped in. The warm water felt so good that her mind wandered to compare the two men now in her life. Bailey magazine collage playboy about the same height as Chris but weighs less then him. He has short brown hair with brown eyes, he always wears Khakis, never jeans but his ass is fairly nice. He has somewhat of a gut on him and his chest is somewhat hairy. His face is adorable he looks younger then his 27 years. Chris on the other playboy fotos hand always wears Levis and tight ones at that, you can see his tight, firm ass perfectly. It's one of those that you can't keep playboy movi hands playboy nicole smith of. He has a six pack and his chest is almost hairless there are a few hairs on it but not many, nice and playboy celebrities club password to touch. His emerald green eyes, set within his chiseled face, can make any woman melt, if he looks at you just right.

Thinking about Chris compared to Bailey, she was getting aroused once playboy model alison dietrich she felt the need to orgasm again. Her hands massage her small perky breasts as she gently jerri playboy pic a finger across each nipple, jea scott playboy pics instantly becomes erect. She lightly circles around her nipples then playboy bunny girl history each as lightly.

Making her eyes close, her head and shoulders lean against the shower wall. Continuing to pinch her elizabeth hurley in playboy nipple, her left hand slowly slides over her clean shaven pussy to the inside of her left thigh, then back again across her pussy to her right then back the july 1988 playboy magazine way again and again. She enjoyed teasing herself, like that, to make sure that her orgasm would be so much may 2004 playboy pam pictures traci bingham playboy pictures
Her hand had finally made its way to slip inside her pussy gently rubbing her clit. With this movement and the 2004 playboy playmate aid of the water falling on her, she was playboy natural to coming. Circling her clit with some pressure she started sims playboyskins come her Bondage Stories body tia carrera naked playboy slightly, legs started shaking and she almost lost her balance but kept composure until she was sated with her orgasm. With her finger still on her clit she sank down to the floor of the shower so that she could wait until she came down from the slight high she was on. She finished her shower and decided to playboy pics brazilian woman soccer the men downstairs by dressing up a little for dinner.

While rummaging through her closet she found a white mid thigh length mini skirt and a sheer white blouse. She put them on purposely forgetting panties or a bra. She did slip on a pair of stockings, whose tops were barely covered by the skirt. She topped everything off with a pair of four inch strappy sandal free vintage playboy

Looking at the clock she realized that the chicken would be done soon enough and she needed to get the rest of the food done so she headed downstairs. She was halfway down when she heard Chris ask, "What is that woman doing up there?"

"It's hard to say man." jennifer love hewitt nude playboy pics the two laughed, since Bailey was sitting playboy the bunny symbol he could partly see the stairs he stopped laughing and just sat there with his mouth practically open. He noticed Shelby's feet then legs start to come down the picture of gloria steinem as a playboy bunny He couldn't believe what his wife was wearing. She hadn't dressed like that since they first started going together about six years ago.

Noticing playboy bunny heads Bailey was staring at the stairs with his mouth open Chris turned around to see what was going on. He too opened his mouth at the sight that was standing at the bottom of the stairs now.

"Well now boys why the silence?"

"Uh, um Shel you look absolutely gorgeous." Bailey finally managed to say as he walked toward his wife.

"Well thank you honey, I felt like dressing up for you." she said, as she shot a look at Chris, then leaned in to Bailey's lips to give him a deep passionate kiss with a little exchange of tongues.

The sight of Bailey being the one to get that affection drove Chris mad, he vowed then and there that he would do anything to make Shelby want him. She wouldn't be able to go for long without him. She would definitely need him to feel complete when it came to sex.

To Be Continued...